A sky full of brilliance, Teshikaga starry nights

All you need for the best star-viewing is….
◎The cleanest, most unpolluted air
◎The darkest skies, free of light pollution

The bounteous nature of Teshikaga, the cleanest air.
Surrounded by countryside, no light interference from distant cities.
Teshikaga Town easily satisfies these two most important conditions for the best night sky viewing.

Whether you are heading out into the deep countryside, or just standing outside your accommodation, simply look up for a magnificent view of the heavens.

And if you can’t sleep, why not take a wander under the starlit skies?

Advice on the best ways to enjoy your stargazing experience

・No light
In order to see the faintest most distant stars, we need to strictly adhere to the golden rule of no light! Switch everything off and slowly let your eyes adjust to the darkness.

・Watch out for bears
Of course, night wildlife abounds in the countryside. We need to be particularly careful of bears in the summertime. A bear bell is helpful in warning them of your approach.

・Dress warmly
Winter is of course very cold, but even summer nights can be very chilly. Don’t catch cold and be prepared for low temperatures.

・The moon is not our friend
When the moon is full and bright, the light hinders our view of the stars.
Choose an evening or time when the moon is not shining.
Refer to the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Ephemeris Computation Office for more information.