A bonanza of delicious local delicacies awaits you on your trip to Teshikaga. Born of harsh cold winters and short, hot summers, our local produce is packed with flavor. Some of our most popular established items include fresh local milk products, locally grown vegetables, Mashu soba and Mashu pork. Take your time to enjoy these gourmet foods on your next visit.

Local shops and foods

Ramen・Chinese・Yakiniku / BBQ restaurant

Dessert・Ice cream・Bakery

Mashu soba noodles

Western-style restaurant・French・Italian

Izakaya / Japanese-style bar and restaurant

Sushi・Japanese Dining・Soba noodles

Cafe・Coffee shop

Introducing Specialty Local Produce

MADE in Teshikaga Guide

The MADE in Teshikaga guide showcases the delicious local goods and shops in the area. Each pamphlet introduces different shops and delicacies. There is also useful information such as maps, opening times, menus and much more. Please peruse a page or two and use it to enjoy a delicious gourmet experience in Teshikaga the next time you visit.