Suigo Park(水郷公園)

  • Suigo Park

Suigo Park

Suigo Park is a quiet nature park on the banks of the Kushiro River close to Mashu Onsen Roadside Station. Visitors can walk the kilometer-long path that circles the park and take in views of the large pond and a large working waterwheel. The path goes over several picturesque wooden bridges and offers many opportunities to enjoy seasonal flowers and birdsong.

Bird-watching and a beautiful pond
The main features of Suigo Park are its pond and its bird-watching pavilion. The large pond is inhabited by rainbow trout and other large fish. In autumn, the pondside maple trees turn bright red. The waterwheel generates electricity for the area’s sluice gates and lighting.

The bird-watching pavilion is near the park entrance. This purpose-built hexagonal observatory is an ideal spot to take in views of the lake and the waterfowl and other birds that inhabit the area. Images and descriptions of the wildlife, including the time of year they are most likely to be spotted, are displayed inside the pavilion. Peak bird-watching season is in summer, when birds such as the colorful narcissus flycatcher and hawfinch visit the area.

A park for everyone
The woodchip-paved path is wheelchair accessible, and there is a playground area equipped with a slide, swings, and climbing apparatus for children. The park’s gates and bridges feature metalwork designs of owls, deer, foxes, and whooper swans for the enjoyment of all. The park is a safe, fun place for children to play, but parental supervision is advised: the pond is quite deep, and some sections of the park are near the road.



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