Osappe River and Waterfalls(オサッペの滝)

Osappe River and Waterfalls

The Osappe River is the largest tributary flowing into Lake Kussharo. A trail going up to its headwaters leads to two beautiful waterfalls deep inside the forest.

It takes around 20 minutes by car to reach the hiking trail from the Wakoto-hanto Kohan Campsite with splendid views of the Osappe River along the way. From the trailhead, it takes about an hour on foot to get close to the river’s headwaters, and after navigating your way through bamboo thickets and marshy ground, you will be rewarded by the sight of the two magnificent waterfalls. The larger waterfall has a vertical drop of 25 meters and the water flowing down the smaller waterfall plummets 15 meters.

Enlist local knowledge
The hiking trail is not clearly defined, and there may be bears and large hornets in the area. Therefore, it is easier and advisable to travel with a knowledgeable local guide—inquire about guide services at tourist information centers. The Osappe River flows into Lake Kussharo close to the Wakoto Peninsula, which juts out into the lake.

The Wakoto Peninsula
If you need local accommodation, there are two large campsites on the peninsula: Wakoto-hanto Kohan Campsite and Wakoto Campsite. While there, take a free dip in the Wakoto Onsen Outdoor Bath, or explore the 3.2-kilometer-long walking trail that goes around the peninsula. Oyakotsu Jigoku, located halfway along the trail, is an area of intense geothermal activity where plumes of sulfurous steam rise from the ground.



  1. Suigo Park(水郷公園)

  2. Lake Side Pension Kussharera Guest house(レイクサイドリゾートペンション クッシャレラ)

  3. Kussharoko Monogatari Marukibune(Guest house include dinner・Restaurant)(屈斜路湖物語 丸木舟)

  4. Cafe Urimuu(カフェうりむぅ)

  5. Sunayu Rest House(砂湯レストハウス)

  6. Small Auberge Twinkle(小さなオーベルジュ てぃんくる)

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