Mashu Onsen Roadside Station(道の駅「摩周温泉」観光案内所)

  • Mashu Onsen Roadside Station

Mashu Onsen Roadside Station

Mashu Onsen Roadside Station is a large information center and food market on the banks of the Kushiro River in Teshikaga’s town center. The facility, which is conveniently located a 20- to 30-minute drive from the large caldera lakes, Mashu and Kussharo, has a large parking lot and an outdoor footbath. This is an excellent spot to relax, enjoy some tasty local fare, and discover more about Teshikaga and the nearby attractions.

Information center
The information center has an extensive range of tourist information. Bilingual staff members will be happy to answer any questions and can recommend sightseeing tours. Activities in the area might include a trip to Lake Kussharo, a stargazing excursion, or a short cruise on an icebreaking ship. Other outdoor adventures include canoeing and horseback riding. For an idea of the sheer scale of Akan-Mashu National Park, watch the drone footage played in the exhibition space where works of art and photography are also displayed.

Local food showcase
The food and souvenir market at Mashu Roadside Station sells small gifts and local food and drink items, including fresh produce, soybeans, local sake, and ice cream. Within the market, there is a hot food area with eat-in seating; the menu includes locally sourced venison burgers and other warming dishes. Browse the souvenirs for picture postcards of Teshikaga and the Akan-Mashu National Park, along with a range of Ainu crafts from wood carvings to purses and pouches decorated with distinctive Ainu embroidery.

Other facilities
Hot springs (onsen) are one of Teshikaga’s greatest draws. Right outside Mashu Onsen Roadside Station is a footbath fed with warm water from a natural spring. Other facilities include 24-hour bathrooms, a baby-changing space, and a dog run. Suigo Park, a large park with a pond and bird-watching pavilion, is just across the road.



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