Kawayu JR Station Public Foot Bath(JR川湯温泉駅の足湯)

A unique foot bath in the center of town

Situated yards from the platform, travelers waiting for buses and trains can relax in this sheltered annex, adjacent to the charmingly classical Kawayu JR Station building. The foot bath is also popular with visitors who come to shop and dine in the nearby restaurants and variety stores, and in winter the room provides a warming respite from the cold wind and snow. Log benches, a log table, and floor heating provide perfect comfort for the traveler to soak their weary feet. However, be careful not to get too comfy or lost in thought – the station has no guards or announcements, so don’t miss your train!

~Information on use~
・Wipe your feet with a towel before use
・Bring a small towel and bath towel with you
・Do not use any bathing products such as soap. etc.

Hot spring categorization Acidic hydrogen sulfide spring, acidic sulfuric spring


  1. Kawayu Onsen Public Foot Bath(川湯温泉街の足湯)

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