Kushiro Area Mashu Tourism and Culture Center(釧路圏摩周観光文化センター)

  • Tourism and Cultural Centrer

Large scale multi-space

A large-scale multi-purpose building for sporting and cultural activities, the center is at the heart of local community activities.
The 2,500-capacity hall can host plays, concerts, ceremonies and indoor sports events.
There is also a gym, an audiovisual room, meeting and lecture rooms, and a large tatami room that can host traditional events such as flower arranging and Japanese dancing. Outside there is a large outdoor stage, monument square, community square, tennis courts with lighting, softball fields, and a gate ball court.

※Entry to the center is free, but there is a fee for using various facilities. Please enquire directly for more information.

The Wilderness Poet – Genzo Sarashina Literature Museum

The center is also host to a museum holding the letters, photos, and other important documents and materials relating to the lifetime works of Genzo Sarashina. A famed local writer brought up in Hokkaido during a time of severe economic hardship, his works constitute an exceptional witness of the pioneering era.

※Free entry. Please enquire at reception.

The center is closed every Tuesday, the day following a national holiday, and during the New Year period (Dec 30th to Jan 5th)



  1. Tabibitoyado Shoei(Guest house)(旅人宿 昭栄)

  2. Kinmuto Pond (キンムトー)

  3. The Taiho Sumo Memorial Museum(大鵬相撲記念館)

  4. Auto campsite Mashunomori(オートキャンプ場 摩周の森)

  5. Osappe River and Waterfalls(オサッペの滝)

  6. Lake Mashu Ice(摩周湖のあいす)

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